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Inspire with a desire to learn!

In a world where most studentsí computers fit into their backpacks and many own smart phones, engaging and interactive online instruction can turn learning into an experience which they actually enjoy.

We combine colorful, dynamic, and age-appropriate graphics with explicit instruction to create an exciting and student-friendly learning environment. Quizzes and other assessments embedded in the activities provide updates on student progress and drive changes to the prescribed learning path.

The research-based and educator-developed curriculum delivers targeted, explicit instruction aligned with state standards. A variety of instructional approaches facilitate personalized instruction which motivate students to engage, think, and learn. Home access to online and offline activities supports the school-to-home connection, while also encouraging parent involvement.

Explore our sample activities and see for yourself how at every grade level, in every subject, the engaging learning activities reach each and every student. Our goal is to inspire with a desire to learn, and to help students achieve their academic potential.


K-8 Curriculum
The interactive lessons combine a rigorous curriculum with age appropriate animated dialog to keep students engaged. Throughout the lesson, students are continuously prompted for input and are provided immediate feedback on their performance to keep them on task and allow them to repeat sequences to assure mastery. To view the curriculum or take a quick test drive of the of the sample activities, click here...


High School Curriculum
The high school lessons combine all of the same interactive elements of the K-8 curriculum with additional theatrics and short teacher-lead video instruction. Lesson notes are provided and a  transcript can be printed directly from the screen for additional reinforcement and test preparation. To view the curriculum or take a quick test drive of the of the sample activities, click here...

Special Programs
Some students require supplemental education to help them learn appropriately. For example, students with ADHD or learning difficulties may benefit from cognitive cross-training. Many students learn best when the curriculum is differentiated to their specific interests, expression and learning styles. Others may need a personalized learning path for intervention or acceleration.  To learn more about our special programs, click here....



We provide a custom online curriculum for grades K-12 with a blend of interactive  hands-on learning and off-line activities that inspire students to advance and learn at their own pace.

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