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Intervention for Struggling Learners. Pathblazer utilizes the same award-winning lessons and activities found in the Compass core to create an individual learning oath for remediation. An adaptive screener determines the student's highest functional performance level while the diagnostic assessment identifies learning gaps. Remedial lessons are integrated into the learning program to help students catch up and get back on track. Pathblazer Language Arts/Reading and Pathblazer Math are available for grades 3-8.

Personalized Learning. GoQuest blends a personal learning profiler with a search engine to match each student's strengths, interests, and learning style with thousands of pre-vetted internet safe websites. The profiler guides students through the exploration of thousands of age appropriate educational resources based on their individual preferences to personalize how they learn. Students can independently engage in research based projects, venture on virtual field trips, enter contests and competitions, explore exciting books and videos, and much more.

Fitness Program for the Brain. The Cognitive Cross-Trainer helps activate and strengthen the underlying cognitive skills necessary for thinking, learning, reading and remembering. Students with ADHD, Autism, and other neurological based learning challenges benefit by developing greater focus and attention, increased working memory, sustained visual and auditory processing, enhanced logic & reasoning skills, and faster processing speed which are all key to learning.

Learn to Read Successfully. The Reading Kingdom curriculum is designed to teach students in kindergarten through third grade to read based upon the Six Skill Integrated Method. The online program provides individualized instruction and automatically advances as the student gains proficiency. Students learn to read and write simultaneously and it's so much fun they think they're playing a game!   



We provide a custom online curriculum for grades K-12 with a blend of interactive  hands-on learning and off-line activities that inspire students to advance and learn at their own pace.

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