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Prescription without diagnosis

 is malpractice...

In education, as in medicine, it's essential to determine the individual needs of the student before prescribing an education plan. Instead of a fixed, one-size-fits-all educational model, we personalize the program to match each student's ability and learning pace with their interests, learning style, and expression mode.

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Comprehensive Assessments

To get started, students take an assessment to identify individual strengths and needs, determine ability levels, pinpoint foundational skill gaps, and even challenge more advanced learners. In addition, each student completes a detailed questionnaire to determine personal interests, learning style and expression mode.

Prescriptive, Personalized Learning Paths

Based on the evaluation results, an individualized learning path is created for each student which consists of engaging activities designed to capture and hold their attention. Working with content that is current, colorful, and dynamic inspires students to be more engaged in the learning process and challenges them to improve with each activity they accomplish.

Multimodal Instruction

Direct instruction is delivered online through reading passages, manipulatives, videos and animations. The curriculum is rigorous and the activities are interactive and engaging. By providing immediate feedback on performance, students are able review and repeat any missed concepts in real time to help them stay on track. Plus, itís all based on extensive research about how young minds think and learn.

Differentiate to Individual Interests

Students can engage in self-directed learning by exploring thousands of online educational resources specifically matched to their individual learning profile. As they research topics independently, students draw information from multiple sources and develop critical thinking skills that are often neglected in a "drill-and-kill" environment.

Track and Measure Progress

As students complete the online, interactive activities, the system provides ongoing assessment to help educators track progress toward academic goals in real time. Custom reports can be generated by objectives, learning path status, and student progress.

Facilitate Parent Involvement

Not only does the program help empower educators and engage students, it also helps facilitate parent involvement. Parents can easily monitor their childís progress and achievement on assigned activities, and participate in supplemental activities to help reinforce learning.

The EVA Community

Students, parents and educators interact in a new way Ė one that integrates technology and interactive learning with easy-to-use tools to facilitate communication, all within a safe, protected environment. If you are looking for a proven partner to empower educators, engage students, and enlist parents in a personalized learning environment geared towards academic success, you've come to the right place.


We provide a custom online curriculum for grades K-12 with a blend of interactive  hands-on learning and off-line activities that inspire students to advance and learn at their own pace.

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