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I can focus, stay on task and complete my work during the school day and there's no boring homework ...YES!


It's like they created a special school just for me. I love it!


We make learning fun!

eVirtualAcademy combines an award-winning online curriculum with a personal learning profiler to create an individualized learning program custom-tailored to each student. The lessons and activities blend animation, video presentations, and theatrics to create a learning environment that engages students and makes learning fun.  And because itís interactive, the student becomes an active participant in each lesson, reinforcing the learning experience.  

A personal profile and set of learning activities are created for each student based on their interests, learning and expression styles.  Students can engage in self-directed learning by exploring safe online learning resources that have been specifically matched to their individual profiles. They can venture on virtual field trips, create research projects, engage in contests and competitions, develop critical thinking skills and explore exciting websites, books and videos.

We believe that an engaged student is more likely to invest in learning, and that designing a curriculum around individual strengths allows students to explore their interests and expand their learning to ultimately reach their full academic potential.

   Key Features

Student-Centered - Individualized program customized to student's interests and ability level in each subject area.


Parent-Driven - Parent involvement is a critical component of student success. We partner with parents and value their input.


Interactive Lessons - provides real-time instruction and immediate feedback to insure students are focused and on task.


Engaging Content - keeps students interested in what they're learning. An engaged student is a successful learner.


Accountability - built-in assessment, performance tracking and reporting features immediately available to parents and educators.


Self-Paced Instruction - Students advance at their own pace and can repeat lessons or play back sections if they miss something.


Enrichment Activities - Field trips, research projects, computer games, and more, fostering independent student-directed learning.


Multimodal/Multi-sensory Approach - combines visual, auditory and hands-on instruction to reinforce conceptual learning and stimulate critical thinking.

   Special Services & Support

Students with Learning Differences - If your student has been diagnosed with AD/HD, Autism, or a learning disability, we offer special programs and services specifically geared to help them overcome their learning barriers.


Advance Placement & Electives - We also offer Advance Placement and  Elective Courses like Marine Biology, Paleontology, Earth & Space Science, and many more.



We provide a custom online curriculum for grades K-12 with a blend of interactive  hands-on learning and off-line activities that inspire students to advance and learn at their own pace.

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